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Clare O'Grady
30 Jan, 2017

Genealogist of the Week – Clare O’Grady

What started your interest in genealogy? I’ve always loved history but hadn’t really thought about my own genealogy until I came across an old tin of my late grandfather’s hidden away in the garage.  It contained various family papers including some birth, death and marriage certificates, some mortgage papers and some photographs.  Up until this […]

10 Oct, 2016

New Genealogist of the Week – Roger W Whitworth

What does being a genealogist mean to you? Relating to my clients the same pleasure that I derived in accessing my own family history, drives the unstinting work that I carry out as a genealogist. In the ten years that my own business has existed an increasing number of records have become accessible via the […]

28 Aug, 2016

Website and forum wish-list

For members and students: A new section has been included in the forum for a wish list to encourage ideas and debate on how to enhance both the website and forum. If you need help registering for, or accessing, the forum please email Any members of the public wishing to comment on the website […]