Year: 2015

31 Dec, 2015


The Register of Qualified Genealogists was incorporated at Companies House today. It is a company limited by guarantee and has been granted exemption from using the word “limited” in its name. The directors are Carol Bannister, Andy Douglas, Ian Macdonald and Toni Sutton.

2 Dec, 2015

Professional Code

Our Professional Code was launched today. Developed and approved by the Steering Committee, the Code is something all Qualified Genealogists are expected to adhere to. It encompasses three core statements of values which underpin the work of Qualified Genealogists: <li>Continue to develop and maintain your professional knowledge and competence, and remain committed to advancing your […]

10 Jun, 2015

RQG Webinar 10th June 2015

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our Webinar on the 10th June. We had a great discussion and there were some excellent ideas suggested for the next stage of development of the Register. We will keep you all informed as we move forward with our plans. If you are interested in joining us just […]

4 Mar, 2015

Can you help or do you want to know more?

We are keen to hear your ideas on the qualifications we should be accepting to enable genealogists to join the register. The steering group will be working on this soon. So if you would like to help us develop the entry qualifications or if you are just interested in the project to develop the register, […]