The Register has Launched

10 Mar, 2016

The Register has Launched

On the 31st of December 2015 the Register for Qualified Genealogists was incorporated at Companies House, London as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Yesterday, the 9th of March, the Register was launched by its website going live at That now enables qualified genealogists to apply for membership and potential clients to contact them.

This is an important, even historic, step in the evolution of genealogical and family history practice. It means that it will now be possible to create a Register of those in our local and international communities who have advanced qualifications relevant to the field. It will also provide recognition for those holders of qualifications irrespective of the specialist areas in which they practise, whether they be archivists, family tree developers, probate researchers, legal advisors, media commentators, authors, teachers, palaeographers, heraldic specialists or exponents in any other area where genealogical and family history expertise is needed. They will be identified by the post-nominal – QG.

The Register will also accept student members who are currently studying for one of the recognised qualifications.

The Register will provide a choice to members of the public and business concerns seeking advice and research support and who wish to have the assurance of a defined and accredited level of capability matched with significant expertise. This is backed by a strong Professional Code, clear Objectives to serve the genealogical community and a sound legally-incorporated presence.

The background to this initiative is the emergence in the past decade, from major educational institutions, of advanced qualifications in the discipline of genealogy and family history.

Already experienced practitioners have had the opportunity to engage in study at post-graduate level towards new qualifications such as post-graduate Diplomas and Masters degrees. Students on these programmes have enhanced their experience by learning how to overlay a systematic approach to their work, apply constructive criticism and logical analysis to their findings, expand their horizons and investigations to take in evidence from all aspects and eras of the research field, and to exploit latest technology in support of their efforts. Several hundred of these rounded individuals have graduated in recent years and are now in practice. Several dozen others are emerging each year to add to this pool of highly capable practitioners.

The Register will provide an outlet to showcase this talent pool.

Our website, at, provides further details of the Objects of the Company, our Professional Code, the nature of appropriate, acceptable qualifications and the full Articles of Association of the Company.

You can contact us through the website if you wish to join the Register, or if you simply want more information.

Andy Douglas