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Please note: Regrettably I not providing genealogical research at present. I am based close to the National Archives in Richmond upon Thames and in Dorset. I can easily visit archives in London, Surrey, Hampshire, and Dorset, and am willing to travel further afield depending on the case. My interest in family research began over 30 years ago when I decided to trace my own family tree. I subsequently studied with the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in Canterbury, obtaining both the Higher Certificate and the Diploma in Genealogy. I have extensive experience in English records, and am also familiar with Welsh, Scottish and Irish records. I have a special interest in Anglo-Irish Ascendancy families, armigerous and gentry families, and heraldry. The best way to contact me is via the email address or through the contact form, providing as much relevant information as possible about your research requirements - including details of the results of any research already undertaken, and any documents obtained. This will enable me to carry out a brief. free assessment of the feasibility and scope of the project and the possible costs involved. I would also invite any potential client to visit the Terms and Conditions page of my website which contains details about my fees and other useful information, including my Privacy Policy.

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