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David A. Jack, MSc QG® embodies the harmonious interplay between time-honored genealogical methodologies and contemporary DNA interpretation, offering a beacon of discovery to those seeking to unveil their ancestral lineage. Situated in the serene locale of Timaru, New Zealand, he excels in assisting individuals and families in traversing the realms of genetic genealogy to unearth their familial roots. His adeptness in autosomal DNA (atDNA) analysis is particularly transformative for those endeavoring to identify unknown parents or grandparents—a quest often embarked upon by adopted individuals. Through meticulous research and a profound grasp of genealogical and DNA interpretation techniques, David A. Jack, MSc QG® elucidates the complex tapestry of lineage, providing not only answers but a conduit to one's ancestral heritage. His work transcends the realms of typical genealogical inquiry, standing as a vigilant custodian of ancestral legacies, and offering a cherished gateway to familial belonging and understanding.

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