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I am a qualified genealogist and archivist with nearly 20 years research experience in Bedfordshire and the UK. My main specialism is genealogy, family and house history research in the Bedfordshire area. Prior to establishing my own consultancy, I worked for Bedfordshire Archives, The Panacea Museum, and a number of other heritage organisations in Bedfordshire. This breadth of experience gives me a unique and specialist knowledge of genealogy, family and house history records relating to Bedfordshire, and how they can be utilised to research your ancestors from this area. I have an expert knowledge of traditional genealogy and family resources, but more importantly I have a knowledge of less well-known records that can help with more complex cases. I also specialise in Genetic Genealogy, which combines genealogical DNA testing with traditional family history records to trace ancestors and living relatives. This can be particularly helpful with tracing illegitimate ancestors, or living relatives. My genealogy experience extends outside the Bedfordshire area, and I regularly undertake research anywhere within the United Kingdom. I am a qualified lecturer and regularly teach across a number of genealogy subjects.

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