Article published by RQG Member John Cleary

4 Dec, 2023

Article published by RQG Member John Cleary

RQG Member John Cleary has written part 2 of his study into The Cummings of Altyre and the search for an ancient genealogy. The article is published in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and for non-subscribers, a copy can be downloaded (without copyright images)

John explains “this is the second part of a study into the origins of the Gordon Cumming family of Morayshire, who have claimed to be descended from the Red Comyns, the rivals of Robert Bruce during the Scottish wars of independence. There’s a bit of investigating how the Regency-era family embellished and polished up their genealogy (that was in last year’s article) and in the new one I look into the medieval genealogy and heraldry of the family, and rediscover some forgotten source material from one of Edinburgh’s leading 19th century genealogists, John Riddell.”

Read John’s full RQG profile which has details on how to find part 1, his talks and current research.

Joanne Kenyon

RQG Member & Director