Celebrating Archives: Bayer Corporate Archives

24 Jan, 2019

Celebrating Archives: Bayer Corporate Archives

The Bayer company archives are the central storehouse for information pertaining to the colorful history of the company since its establishment in 1863.

It is the place where important records relating to the company’s history – documents, photographs, films, advertisements, publications, and other valuable items – are examined, evaluated and systematically archived.

The website also includes the biographies of major scientists and former Bayer CEOs

Overview of the Archives:

Documents 80,000 files with about 28 million documents
Photographs 360,000
Films 6,000 titles
Books 5,000 volumes
Collections 20,000 exhibits


Hans-Hermann Pogarell
E-mail: hans-hermann.pogarell@bayer.com

Website: https://www.bayer.com/en/The-Company-Archive.aspx

Clare O'Grady