Celebrating Archives: Bradford University Archives

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4 Oct, 2018

Celebrating Archives: Bradford University Archives

University of Bradford Special Collections has over 100 collections over 1.5 kilometres of shelves: archives, rare books, photographs, maps, drawings and digital media, offering a wonderful range of primary sources for both study and enjoyment.

The University of Bradford became a home for a new chair in Peace Studies in 1973.  The department thrives to this day and has accumulated a unique independent library which provides resources on nonviolent social change:

Their collections span the 20th century, with greatest strength probably the late 1950s and early 1960s material relating to the use of nonviolence in anti-nuclear campaigning.

They also document the strong influence of non-conformist religion on society and culture of Bradford and the West Riding in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Quakers are particularly well-represented in their collections:

  • Quaker activists, including: Arthur Raistrick, Eric Baker, and Colin Hunter.
  • Campaigning groups, notably the Quaker Peace Studies Trust.
  • We have excellent collections of historic Quaker books.

Certain runs of newspapers such as The Bradford Pioneer (an essential source for the history of radical Bradford) and the Co-operative News also form part of the collections.  They also hold many books about the Yorkshire Dales, which complement the collections donated by Dr Raistrick and Dr Mitchell.

Other interesting collection is the Peart-Binns Episcopal Biography Archive.  Still being fully catalogued, it covers over 400 bishops of the Church of England and of the other churches of the Pan-Anglican Communion, including articles and letters, newspaper cuttings, diocesan newsletters, obituary notices, and recollections by colleagues and others who knew the individuals concerned.

University of Bradford Special Collections welcomes members of the University and external visitors. Their limited staffing means access is by appointment only.  Times available for appointments: Tuesday-Friday, 10-4.30. They stay open during lunchtime whenever staffing permits.

To find out more: https://www.brad.ac.uk/library/special-collections/

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Anne Sherman