Member’s articles in Derbyshire Miscellany

31 Mar, 2023

Member’s articles in Derbyshire Miscellany

RQG member Anne Powers has had two papers published in the Derbyshire MIscellany in the last year.

Derbyshire Miscellany Volume 23 part 1 Spring 2022. pp.18-23. “Lucy Hardcastle (c.1771-1834), Derby botanist and teacher”


Derbyshire Miscellany Volume 23 part 2 Autumn 2022. pp.22-27. “Andrew Handyside: from Edinburgh to Derby via St Petersburg”

both papers use genealogical research to fill in previously unexplored aspects of the history of prominent local Derby residents. Lucy Hardcastle was an important ‘behind the scenes’ influence in botanical research, and Andrew Hardcastle was an internationally important iron founder whose products, made in Derby, were exported across the world.

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Clare O'Grady