New Book: Referencing for Genealogists: Sources and Citation

15 Feb, 2018

New Book: Referencing for Genealogists: Sources and Citation

A new book on referencing for genealogists is available to pre-order on Amazon priced at £16.00 ($14.43 in the US).

Published by History Press, the author is our own RQG Chairman, Ian Macdonald. All fees from the book will go directly to the Journal of Genealogy and Family History so buying a copy will be doubly beneficial to RQG.

As it says in the book:

Genealogy is little more than anecdote when the sources for facts are not cited and where clear references to sources are not given. That may be a harsh judgement, but in a world awash with poor genealogy it is a call for raising standards. 

This book is about making your work better, more credible, more useful and easier to communicate to all those who may be interested in it, and in what you have achieved and wish to say.


Its early origins are with Strathclyde guidelines (and it is published with their blessing) but has been greatly extended and thoroughly explained, and contains a wealth of examples many of which are to sources that may be helpful to your research.  It improves on the logic of those earlier guidelines and emphasises the use of generic source types to make things easier to do, and to avoid proliferation of marginally different types of reference.  It extends coverage into most types of records relevant to the European researcher.  It remains compact, though comprehensive, at around 140 pages.

Toni Sutton