New Genealogist of the Week – Clare Fowler

16 Jan, 2017

New Genealogist of the Week – Clare Fowler

What started your interest in genealogy?

I think I am like most people in having always had an interest in family stories, but it was really only in 2002 that I decided to follow it through. My grandfather had passed away and in his papers we found several documents and newspaper cuttings that we didn’t know he had. In some cases, we didn’t know who the people named in them were! And so it all began…


What are your specialist areas of interest and why have you chosen them?

I am especially interested in Scottish research. Part of this is due to access and proximity – I am based in Edinburgh. But I have always had a strong interest in Scottish social and economic history; the movement of people within the country and its changing demographics. I have also developed a real interest in the history of buildings and houses in the past few years.


Your most exciting discovery, either personal or professional

On a personal level, I think it has to be finding my 3 x great grandmother’s first husband living in Liverpool with a second family. It was presumed he had been dead for a number of years.


A typical day’s work.

One of the things I love most about having given up my old job to focus on research is that I don’t have a typical day. I could be in an archive or library, or I could be in my home office researching, or analysing and reporting on my findings. Although all days do involve keeping an eye on social media and email, and lots and lots of tea!

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