New Genealogist of the Week – Tessa Szczepanik

31 Oct, 2016

New Genealogist of the Week – Tessa Szczepanik

What started your interest in genealogy?tessa

I have always been interested in history, which developed into my choices of Latin & Ancient Greek for my university degree, but winning a prize at school for the best Family Project was my first experience of researching  genealogy.


What are your specialist areas of interest and why have you chosen them?

In addition to UK and Irish research, British India is a particular favourite because many of my maternal grandmother’s family lived there during the 1780s-1930s. Discovering new cousins in America, Canada and Australia led to an interest in their countries’ genealogical records too.


Your most exciting discovery, either personal or professional.

Within my personal research, I discovered that my great-grandfather Stuart Barnett Anderson had two children in the 1930s after divorcing my great-grandmother in 1925. Telling my grandmother and great-aunt (born in the early 1920s) that they had a ‘new’ half-brother and half-sister was an interesting experience! We enjoy corresponding with their ‘new’ half-sister’s daughter and we have met her a few times. Professionally, I was pleased to help an adopted client discover more about her birth parents and find the address of her father.


A typical day’s work.

The variety of research required for clients means that every day is different but always fascinating.

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