New Member Heather Nowlan

8 Jul, 2018

New Member Heather Nowlan

Heather has already completed numerous Pharos Tutors courses including their Intermediate Family History Skills & Strategies course comprising of 10 set modules. She is currently studying for the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies Higher Certificate.

Heather is based in Northampton and her interests lie in the area of asylums and insanity. Her own research has led her to do quite a lot of work into the criminal insane, having found an executed relative charged with wilful murder who had a strong family insanity defence. She has also done quite a lot of research into Irish records.

Heather is just setting up a genealogy research business , but doesn’t think she will ever stop studying either. She also intends to write about her 2 x Grt Uncle who was executed for willful murder despite the family history of insanity.

Her website is

Her twitter handle is @heathernowlan1

Clare O'Grady


  1. John Burt

    Fanatstic Clare. I am pleased that Heather has joined RQG. Her family history is fascinating and I have no doubt that her great-great uncle John Hutchinson fulfilled the M’Naughten Rules (regarding a defence of insanity at the time of committing the crime) and should have never have been hanged by the neck until he died for the gruesome murder.

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