New RQG Journal Article on Naming the Dead

26 Jul, 2020

New RQG Journal Article on Naming the Dead

The new article is by Stephen B Hatton and is called Exploring Genealogy’s Necronominalism

The article explores the relation of genealogy and naming the dead. It discusses funerary practices as a recapture of the dead, gravestones as complex signs, and memory and death including a memento mori and a liber memorialis.

An authentic search for the dead involves considering the cultural legacy they left. It suggests that genealogy charts are modeled after historical consciousness which is formed on the basis of naming the dead. Naming and learning about the dead help some gain or deepen their sense of identity. Naming the dead reverses the oblivion into which the forgotten dead disappear.

Genealogy works in the opposite direction as political erasure. Genealogical research is essentially a practice that names the dead enabling the researcher to include an ancestor, relative, or research subject on genealogy charts and in the world of the living. But genealogy is also sometimes used as an exclusionary power tactic.


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Clare O'Grady