NEW RQG member- Ian Mooney

21 Nov, 2021

NEW RQG member- Ian Mooney

Ian received the Diploma from Strathclyde in the summer of 2021 and is now completing their dissertation for the Masters. It is a study of females transported to Van Diemen’s Land from Limerick and Liverpool. Ian also has a degree in History.

Currently based in Lancashire, Ian moved from the South a couple of years ago due to his work as a trustee of a group of schools. His interests are in crime, poverty and institutions for the poor and sick and he is planning to run some talks in the Merseyside area on his findings about female transportees to Australia.

Ian’s genealogy business is currently nascent but he is hoping to build it in the next few years. He has family in London, Ireland, Scotland, and the USA , which allows for research into the records of those areas.

As part of his work, Ian has also introduced genealogy to groups of 11-13 year olds as a conduit to family talk. Oracy is an important skill and family history has allowed these adolescents to find their voices and confidence. Ian will be talking on the subject at the RQG January conference.

Clare O'Grady

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