New RQG member – Ruth Bertram

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10 Jan, 2020

New RQG member – Ruth Bertram

In 2019 Ruth was awarded the PG Diploma from the University of Strathclyde and is based near Aberfeldy in Highland Perthshire at the very centre of mainland Scotland.
Her interest in genealogy developed from her love of history which she kept up throughout her school career, finding social history the most compelling.  Ruth was a litigation solicitor for 25 years and so has a particular affinity for and familiarity with Scottish documents but  from any jurisdiction are of interest.
Ruth launched a business – Yew Tree Genealogy – just before Christmas and is working on commissions.  She would like to return to undertake the Masters at Strathclyde but wants to take time to find a particularly engaging topic.  It may be that practising as a Professional Genealogist will present her with ideas, whether by coming across interesting source material in the course of client work or encountering a practical difficulty which might benefit from academic examination.
Facebook page, Yew Tree Genealogy.
LinkedIn under Ruth Bertram
Twitter handle is @YGenealogy

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