New RQG member – Sarah Lee

16 Oct, 2020

New RQG member – Sarah Lee

Sarah has an M.Litt from Dundee University in  Family and Local History. Her parents started researching their family tree 10 years before she was born, so she really have been involved in research her whole life! Some of her earliest memories are of graveyards and Lancashire Archives.
Whilst doing her first degree (B.Ed from Sussex), Sarah supplemented her income with doing research for others. With a friend she researched the 87 men commemorated on Carlisle Grammar School’s WW1 memorial board and as well as the information they discovered going on the school’s website, they also produced a book.
Sarah is based in Cumbria.  She has set up ‘Genealogy Cumbria‘ which is a bespoke genealogy research and education service.  It specialises in research in Cumbria and the adjoining counties.  It also offers tuition to individuals and groups. Probate research, and research of individual properties, localities and industries are also undertaken!
Areas of interest are varied, at present Sarah is:
  • Helping to research the nearly 200 men commemorated on the school’s ww2 boards!
  • Beginning to collect information and do further research into the history of Bowness-on-Solway.
  • Has plans to put her research of her partner’s Bragg ancestors together as a book, Sarah has written articles about them for Family Tree Magazine and Cumbria Family History Society Journal, and also has a talk about them. They are fascinating: two were tried separately for ‘murder on the high seas’, there was a case of shipwreck and cannibalism, two others won Nobel prizes, there was also romance on the high seas too!
  • For her Masters Sarah looked at the growth of Maryport (it was a planned town) and would like to build on this by doing a PhD, and possibly a book etc. But covid has put this on hold.
  • Her own family research and her partner’s research is also ongoing. Sarah’s grandparents each came from a different county (Lancs, Northants, Staffs and Leices) and her partner is 99% Cumbrian. He calls her a mongrel. she call him inbred…………it is after all a matter of perspective!


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