RQG member Linda Hammond is talking at Rootstech London

17 Oct, 2019

RQG member Linda Hammond is talking at Rootstech London

RQG member Linda Hammond is talking at #RootsTechLondon on Mind Mapping and its place in organising and guiding your genealogical research. Find her on Friday at 3.30pm


I remember I was about 17 years old and we were visiting an uncle of mine in London and he was telling me stories about the family. Since then I’ve been researching our family. I think the fascination lay in that my maiden name is Schaffert, which is German and I wanted to find out where my great Grandfather, Johann, came from in Germany. I might add that I’m still not much wiser on his line even after all this time!!!

As far as my inspiration for the talk goes, I trained as a primary school teacher, with my specialism being maths. I used touse, what we called, topic webs, with the children and also to do our own termly plans. These were basically mind maps. I then used them when I did my own revision for studies and it was just a small step from there to see how they could be implemented into my genealogical research.

Hammond, Linda

Clare O'Grady

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  1. Dr Penny Walters

    this sounds like a really interesting talk Linda 🙂

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