RQG member Penny Walters to talk at RootsTech

15 Oct, 2019

RQG member Penny Walters to talk at RootsTech

Penny will be presenting 2 lectures and 1 workshop at Roots Tech London.

The ‘Psychology of Searching’ lecture will be on Thursday 24 October at 2pm (Room 1). ‘Ethical Dilemmas in Genealogy’ lecture will be given on Friday 25 October at 3.30pm (Room 17). The DNA workshop ‘Deductions that can be made through your DNA test’ will be on Saturday 26 October 12-12.30 in the DNA hub.

Dr. Penny Walters’ PhD (2001) researched Ethical Dilemmas, and she has been a University lecturer for 30+ years in Undergraduate and Masters Psychology and Business Studies. Penny’s interest in genealogy started when her children had to devise trees as part of a school project, but, as an adoptee, the tree didn’t ‘feel quite right.’ Devising a tree of biological relatives was fascinating to research, but brought emotional rollercoasters when trying to connect with living bio relatives. This inspired the lecture ‘Devising a family tree when you are adopted.’ DNA testing revealed 91% Irish heritage, which supports her paper trail; and branches were added through collaboration with 2 previously unknown, very helpful American 2nd cousin DNA matches, which has informed her narrative about her descent from Irish Famine diaspora, and has inspired her Irish heritage lectures. Penny is the mother of 6 mixed race children, and DNA testing revealed fascinating insights into her children’s cultural heritage, and has resulted in lectures about researching black British family trees past enslavement, and back to African peoples.

Penny lectures internationally (including USA, Ireland, Egypt) and regularly writes articles about genealogy topics, including ethical dilemmas in genealogy; the psychology of searching; adoption; diaspora; black British heritage; mixing DNA results with a paper trail; the 1939 Register; and the future of genealogy. Penny has recently published her book ‘Ethical Dilemmas in Genealogy’ (Amazon bit.ly/EDIG_Paper or bit.ly/EDIG_Kindle), and will be publishing ‘The Psychology of Searching’ soon.

Penny will also be speaking at: The Jewish Genealogy Society annual conference (London, 20 October, 2019), about ‘Ethical Dilemmas in Genealogy;’ the Family History Federation annual conference (London, 23 November, 2019) about ‘Searching for ancestors when you’re adopted’; and at Roots Tech USA, 24-26 February 2020, on the 3 subject areas of: ‘The Psychology of Searching’; ‘Why the UK 1939 Register is invaluable’; and ‘What does the future hold?’



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