University of Strathclyde PhD in History with a focus in Genealogy

15 Feb, 2017

University of Strathclyde PhD in History with a focus in Genealogy

This exciting and new PhD is being offered from the University of Strathclyde’s History Department in conjunction with the Genealogical Studies team. The recent flier provides the following detail:

The University of Strathclyde’s History department is happy to consider PhD candidates who have research topics with a genealogical focus. Second supervisors will come from the Genealogical Studies Programme tutor team with History colleagues taking the first supervisor role. It may be possible for the genealogy team to co-supervise with other departments.
A PhD at Strathclyde can largely be done from a distance however; an on campus visit may be required one or two times a year.
 A full time PhD takes 3 years.
 A part time PhD normally takes 5 years.

To apply:
It’s best to first email the Genealogical Studies Programme ( so we can consider your research ideas and advise on a supervisor choice. In the email, make sure you attach a draft of your research proposal along with a copy of your CV. Don’t worry about how rough your research proposal may be at this stage – you’ll have help from staff to refine it.
You should highlight a potential first supervisor from History (if you can) and potential second supervisor from Genealogical Studies in your email (and application) but the department will team you up with the best supervisor for your project.
If your chosen supervisor is available to work with you, they’ll confirm this and nominate a potential second supervisor. As soon as a second supervisor is confirmed with you, a formal application should be submitted through Pegasus, our online application system.

What next? To find out more, including what you will need to provide in the formal application, please visit:
Further information on the Genealogical Studies Programme can be found at:
The University of Strathclyde’s general Postgraduate Research Opportunities website offers lots of advice on scholarships, applications and support for research students:
For all other enquiries, please email:

Toni Sutton