Categories & Specialisms

What do the categories and specialisms mean?


Category: a principal area of genealogical work

We have four major groupings each subdivided to show the kind of work that you may be interested in:


  • Genetic
  • Individuals/Families
  • Heraldic
  • Communities
  • Buildings/Locations
  • Probate/People tracing


  • Writing
  • Broadcasting
  • Speaking


  • Mentoring/tutoring
  • Seminars/Courses

Other Services

  • Ancestral tourism and event organising
  • Legal advisory/Expert witness
  • Use of specialist software e.g. GIS

Specialism: a significant skill relating to a particular technique, language, time period, geographical area, set of archives or culture

For example:

  • Palaeography – reading old writing and transcribing documents
  • Polish – for records in that language
  • Medieval – for the records and history of that period
  • Cleveland – for studies in North Yorkshire
  • Jewish – particularly dealing with international movement and migration