Meet our students

RQG takes particular pleasure in acknowledging the effort and commitment being made by students who are devoting two or even three years to advanced study in genealogy and family history. We open our community to these students to share with them some of the facilities we offer and hope to welcome them to membership once they achieve qualification. Students, though, are not Qualified Genealogists and RQG does not promote them as service providers. However, we do wish to celebrate them for what they are achieving. This page shows some of our 40+ student members. These are names for the future in genealogy and family history.

Barbara Ball photo

Ball, Barbara

Barbara has a Pg.Cert. from the University of Strathclyde, and is studying there for her Ph.D. in History/Genealogy. Her interests are nineteenth century Ohio, cartographic modeling, and demographics.

Ann Stewart Burns

Burns, Ann Stewart

Ann is a student in the PG certification program at the University of Strathclyde. Her interests include family research with historical context concentrating primarily on Scottish and Irish records, Y DNA surname studies and Scottish medieval history. She resides near Boston, Massachusetts.

Hugh Douglas photo

Douglas, Hugh

Hugh is studying for the Strathclyde postgraduate certificate. He has a 20+ year background in the software industry and has an interest in developing new applications of technology in genealogical research as well as traditional genealogical research.

GIll Molyneux photo

Molyneux, Gill
Gill is a Pg Diploma student at the University of Strathclyde (Pg Certificate completed Summer 2018) and relatively new to genealogy; as yet, she has not developed any special interests – she is just interested in everything. Her background is in clinical data management, database administration and website content management. She lives in North Yorkshire.

Ian Mooney photo

Mooney, Ian;
Ian is studying for the PG Certificate in Genealogical, Palaeographic & Heraldic Studies at the University of Strathclyde and intends to move onto the Diploma in autumn 2019. His interest in genealogy stems from his first degree in History. His current interests include Scottish and Irish records as well as Poorhouse/Workhouse histories.

Diana Nicoll photo

Nicoll, Diana

Diana is studying for the Strathclyde postgraduate Masters. Her interests include mapping and location genealogy, workhouses and the management of information. She is based in North Somerset.

Heather Nowlan photo

Nowlan, Heather

Based in Northampton, Heather is studying with IHGS for their Higher Certificate, and plans to continue to their Diploma, then the Strathclyde Master’s. Her research interests include families with a history of insanity and Irish records.

Sarah Pettyfer photo

Pettyfer, Sarah

Based in Surrey, Sarah is studying for the Higher Certificate in Genealogy with IHGS and intends to progress to their Diploma. Sarah’s research interests are in Surrey and Yorkshire and she intents to specialise in maritime ancestry. Her background is in Family Law.

Joan Reid photo

Reid, Dr. Joan

Joan is studying for the postgraduate diploma in Genealogy at the University of Strathclyde. She is running a one name study of the surname Sarginson which is registered with the Guild of One Name studies. Her interests also include: WW1 war memorials and religious history.

Chad Snyder photo

Snyder, Chad

Chad is an attorney in California studying for the Strathclyde Postgraduate Certificate. His interest in genealogy stems from a love of history and his being an adoptee wanting to discover more about his heritage. Chad’s interests include genetic genealogy and helping other adoptees locate their biological families.

Penny Waters photo

Waters, Dr. Penny
Penny is a highly experienced university lecturer and holds a PhD in ethics. Her diverse interests are in ethical dilemmas within genealogy; the psychology of searching; adoption; diaspora; Irish heritage; mixing DNA results with a paper trail; slave history; the professionalization of genealogy; family history in Egypt; and genealogy tourism.