About the Journal


The principal aim of The Journal of Genealogy and Family History is to provide a platform for researchers in all fields related to genealogy and family history where new, interesting and challenging work can be published. The Journal will serve as a touchstone for current thinking and practice and an outlet for theoretical and speculative ideas.



The Journal is inter-disciplinary and international in its reach.
All submissions will be double blind peer-reviewed and will be expected to meet the highest scholarly standards.
There are no article submission or processing charges for the Journal. 
The Journal will be online only and papers will appear once the production process is complete.
The Journal will be open-access with content available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


International Standard Serial Number

The Journal has been registered at the British Library with ISSN: 2399-2964.



The Journal will publish relevant material related to genealogy and family history that either illuminates the human condition in time, or offers improved investigative approaches for exploring that condition. It will deal with, for example:

  • Family histories, particularly illustrative of new and innovative approaches and analytic techniques.
  • Personal, Local, Community and Social histories. Micro histories.
  • Demographic studies. Migration and translocation.
  • Onomastic studies.
  • Prosopographical studies.
  • Locational studies. Places and people.
  • Property and family relationships.
  • Imagery and ancestry (painting, photography, video).
  • Symbolism in human society – heraldic and funereal.
  • Heraldry.
  • The management and archiving of records and materials that cast light on human experience.
  • Exploitation of new sources of information.
  • Palaeography.
  • The use of DNA analyses to better understand kinship, ancestry and populations.
  • Understanding of, and innovations in, commercialisation in this field.
  • The application of new technologies to the field.
  • Best practice, standards, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • Pedagogic innovations.
  • Research initiatives and new theoretical frameworks.

The Journal will not deal with anecdotal material. Submissions should be factual, or theoretical, well researched and fully referenced.

The Journal is also not concerned with other interpretations of ‘genealogy’ employed in the field of philosophy.