For genealogists

Benefits of RQG membership

RQG sets the bar high for entry to membership. Membership and the post-nominal, QG, are signs of achievement that cannot be matched by any other organisation. Recognition is, therefore, assured.

Members become readily identifiable through their use of the QG post-nominal and are further badged by their use of their personal RQG email addresses.

Members can be found on the website by potential clients using the full search facilities it offers. Each member can complete their personal profile and can specify what types of work they undertake and what special skills they can offer.

In practical terms the RQG will promote the presence and availability of qualified genealogists. This will be done through the website, by advertising in the genealogical press, and by providing leaflets and marketing materials for use at genealogical events and at local libraries and archives.

As a Member you become part of a remarkable community and we make it easy for you to interact, learn and gain from that community.

Members can share experiences, team up with each other and generally interact on the RQG Forum.

As membership grows and members become fully involved in the running of RQG the organisation will evolve and expand. Learning and social events will follow. Appearances at local Family History Society events are likely and our own annual Conference is being established.

RQG has made good on an initial pledge to launch an online peer-reviewed journal of genealogical studies. This allows members an outlet for their research and provides international recognition for original work they are undertaking. Nothing else like this exists at present to serve the needs of genealogical researchers.

Then there are savings to be made. RQG is large enough to be offered preferential terms on goods and services from a range of suppliers. Members can gain directly from these.

RQG offers two forms of membership:

Member – entitled to use the QG post-nominal, maintain a profile on this site and are corporate members of RQG;

Students – enjoy many of the benefits of members, but are not corporate members, nor entitled to use the QG post-nominal or maintain a profile.

To become a Member it is essential that you have graduated with the relevant Diploma or Masters degree from IHGS, University of Dundee or University of Strathclyde.

To become a Student you must be currently taking one of the qualifying courses.

Qualifications and types of membership