For genealogists

Qualifications and types of membership

RQG offers two forms of membership:

Member – entitled to use the QG post-nominal, maintain a profile on this site and are corporate members of RQG;

Students – enjoy many of the benefits of members, but are not corporate members, nor entitled to use the QG post-nominal or maintain a profile.

To become a Member it is essential that you have graduated with the relevant Diploma or Masters degree from IHGS, University of Dundee, University of Limerick or University of Strathclyde.

To become a Student you must be currently taking one of the qualifying courses . Student membership status can be held for a maximum of five years, after which agreement from the RQG Board would be required, subject to individual circumstances.


Benefits of RQG membership


Our Corporate Status

RQG is a company limited by guarantee, so is non-profit making. Sounds boring but it first means that RQG’s activities are entirely on behalf of its members. It also means that each full member is a member of the company and in turn that means that as a professional practitioner your liabilities are limited (should anything go horribly wrong). That is in contrast to unincorporated genealogical bodies (clubs, in effect) where individual members are exposed to unlimited liability. It may be boring but our incorporated status, and the protection it offers, is a significant benefit.

International Reach

Our members live and practise in many countries. We embrace the multi-national nature of genealogy and family history; we do not limit ourselves by geography and can offer a more comprehensive service to our customers in consequence.
Establishing a presence beyond the UK is a significant aim and our networking makes this a reality. RQG also aims to encourage other educational establishments to set up similar high-level courses to add to the pool of qualifications that can be recognised.

RQG Membership and QG Status

RQG sets the bar high for entry to membership. We are the world’s only genealogical organisation where members are independently accredited.
Full membership and the post-nominal, QG, are signs of achievement that cannot be matched by any other organisation. Recognition is, therefore, assured.
Members become readily identifiable through their use of the QG post-nominal. They are further badged in dealing with clients and others by use of their personal “qualifiedgenealogists” email address – another significant identifying characteristic.
Student members do not, of course, have the same recognition since they are not members of the company. However, they do benefit from a reduced membership fee and the opportunity to participate in RQG affairs, albeit in a non-voting capacity (though that mostly relates to formal matters at the AGM).


We have protected the significance of QG by having it trademarked. The availability of this protected mark for full members is an extension to the QG benefit, a sign of our determination to treat the profession seriously and is a unique feature in the industry. Members can and should use it with pride.

For those keen on the technicalities, QG is registered at the Intellectual Property Office and protected in two classes:
41 – in respect of “Provision of education in relation to genealogy.”
45 – in respect of “Genealogical and family history services.”


In practical terms RQG will promote the presence and availability of qualified genealogists. This will be done through the website, by advertising in the genealogical press, and by providing leaflets and marketing materials for use at genealogical events and at local libraries and archives. Visibility for RQG, achieving recognition and establishing RQG’s credibility as an organisation will reflect positively on members.
We are active on social media and our presence on Facebook and Twitter combine to improve that visibility and engage with the world of genealogy and family history.
We are recognised in the Yellow pages so your advertising on will appear when we are searched for.

At the individual level, each full member can place their personal profile on the website and can specify what types of work they undertake and what special skills they can offer. Members can then be found on the website by potential clients using the full search facilities the website offers.
Members can also use the RQG logo on their own websites and on their business advertising materials. They can even advertise their business and publications on the RQG public social media pages.
Student members can begin to make themselves known by placing a mini profile in the student website page. It offers an initial level of exposure prior to achieving full membership.
On top of all this, members can increase our, and their own, visibility by wearing clothing with the RQG logo.

Individually you can contribute to increasing your own and RQG visibility by appearing as a speaker at events, or as an author in the Journal, magazines or FHS newsletters or in online forums. Just make sure that RQG is name-checked.


As a member you become part of a remarkable community of those who have a shared experience of succeeding in the tough business of gaining an appropriate qualification. There is a determined character to our members and an array of experiences we have in common. RQG make it easy for you to interact, learn and gain from that community based on its rare commonality. Members can share experiences, team up with each other and generally interact on the RQG Forum and our other media. Specifically, we offer:
• Opportunities to attend our regular online member meetings
• A closed membership hub for help, guides, support and updates
• The Links Library for access to a variety of websites
• Advice on setting up a business and all its supporting mechanisms – all captured comprehensively in the Business Guide
• Support of fellow professionals and/or students


RQG has a clearly defined process for Continuing Professional Development and part of that is included in our regular members’ meetings. As a member of RQG you can continue to grow and enhance your capabilities, and you can do it with support from the membership.

Events and Occasions

As membership grows and members become fully involved in the running of the RQG the organisation will evolve and expand. Learning and social events will follow. Appearances at local Family History Society events are likely. The York conference in late 2018 and online in 2021 were great successes and many more will follow.

Preferential Terms

The larger RQG becomes the more likely it is that service and product suppliers will offer discounted terms to the members. This is now happening. Specific things currently available are:
• Family Tree Magazine is available at half price on print and/or digital subscriptions.
• FTDNA discounted kit purchases
• Pen & Sword books discount.
• My History discount.
• S&N Genealogy discount.

The Journal of Genealogy and Family History

RQG has made good on an initial pledge to launch an online peer-reviewed journal of genealogical studies. This allows members an outlet for their research and provides international recognition for original work they are undertaking. Nothing like this exists at present to serve the needs of genealogical researchers.