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Our professional Qualified Genealogists

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Our mission is to improve standards of professional genealogical practice and deliver these improvements to customers for genealogical and family history services



Qualified Genealogists have achieved a recognised standard of practical and theoretical education in an extensive course of study to an internationally defined level.1


Qualified Genealogists operate with systematic processes reflecting current best practice, and comply with our Professional Code.

International Reach

Qualified Genealogists are not limited to a single country. The RQG initiative started in the United Kingdom, but already there are eligible Members living and practising in other countries.


Qualified Genealogists are varied in their interests, accomplishments and activities. Some can advise on arms and heraldry; some seek out beneficiaries; others write family histories; many compile pedigrees; others mainly write or teach; for many, it's an admixture of these. The choice is yours!

1 See also “Are all members of RQG qualified?” in our FAQs.