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Our mission is to improve standards of professional genealogical practice and deliver these improvements to customers for genealogical and family history services

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This website is where to come for clients and organisations looking for Qualified Genealogists. Our members are professional genealogists who have gained qualifications in genealogy and family history amongst the highest standard currently available in the world.1  More about our aims and objectives can be found here.

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Use the search box above or just click on the icon. Use the listing to see the genealogist's profile page which contains further details of their categories and specialisms.

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Contact Qualified Genealogists from their profile pages which contain contact numbers and email addresses.

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You can rest assured that you will receive a quality service delivered to a high standard.

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If you meet our exacting requirements, join our community of like-minded professionals and help shape the future of professional genealogy. We also welcome students on recognised courses to join our student membership.

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Help clients and organisations find you! As a Qualified Genealogist you can complete a profile on this site describing your skills and achievements and add your contact details, website, blog and social media.

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Qualified Genealogists and students have access to a private area including our active members forum.

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We encourage interaction between members. Chat online, come to group events and take part in CPD.



Qualified Genealogists have achieved a recognised standard of practical and theoretical education in an extensive course of study to an internationally defined level.1


Qualified Genealogists operate with systematic processes reflecting current best practice, and comply with our Professional Code.

International Reach

Qualified Genealogists are not limited to a single country. The RQG initiative started in the United Kingdom, but already there are eligible Members living and practising in other countries.


Qualified Genealogists are varied in their interests, accomplishments and activities. Some can advise on arms and heraldry; some seek out beneficiaries; others write family histories; many compile pedigrees; others mainly write or teach; for many, it's an admixture of these. The choice is yours!

1 See also “Are all members of RQG qualified?” in our FAQs.