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RQG members represent excellence in genealogical practice:

Members of the RQG are at the forefront in the field of genealogical and family history studies.
Their qualifications are from accredited institutions and have been taken at post-graduate level.1
Their training and knowledge spans all aspects of genealogical and family history research.
They are familiar with 21st century technology and the vast range of sources now available.
They are trained in critical appraisal techniques and in succinct presentation of all relevant facts.
Our worldwide membership is growing.

In recent years institutions in higher education have stepped up to the challenge of providing academically rigorous training in genealogy and family history.

Operating at post-graduate level they take already experienced, mature students and expose them to systematic methods of investigation and critical analysis of results so they can deliver quality outcomes from any research.

Graduates emerge with a good understanding of all relevant disciplines and with the confidence to tackle all aspects of even the most wide-ranging projects, and to report on findings clearly and succinctly.

The Register of Qualified Genealogists provides access to these 21st century practitioners.

21st century genealogical practice


Qualified Genealogist

At the Register of Qualified Genealogists we set the bar high, so by ‘Qualified’ we mean fully qualified. To become fully qualified our members have successfully completed all the taught materials and practical case studies that higher educational institutions require at post-graduate level (Post-Graduate Diploma or Masters degree).1

This means that every member is a well-rounded genealogist and family historian; each has experienced the broad set of topics that higher education teaches; each brings a wealth of understanding to their projects; each has an appreciation of the full range of sources and techniques that can be brought to bear in creating the best outcome in any investigation.

Knowledge and experience are combined in a Qualified Genealogist and these are often enhanced by special expertise in particular fields. Check the profiles to find what suits you best.

Through qualification, our members have set out to challenge themselves and become as good as they can be. They recognise, though, that qualification is not the end of the journey.

Members of the RQG commit to abide by our Professional Code and to continue to develop and maintain their professional knowledge and competence. They do that through our defined approach to Continuing Professional Development. This is an active, planned process designed to support each member through their continuing improvement activities.

A constant desire for further improvement and a deepening of skills is a mark of RQG members. The RQG organisation provides a supportive environment for this to happen.

Continuous Improvement

CPD Cycle

How to find a Qualified Genealogist


The Home Page carries a panel that allows you to search for QGs.

You can do this by name, if you have one, to confirm that they are Registered and to see their profile.

Alternatively you can search using criteria that will select people according to the types of services they offer and you want

The Search boxes have pull down lists and from them you can choose either:

  • a category of work to discover who operates in that field, or
  • a specialism to see who is proficient in that particular research technique

See here for an explanation of categories and specialisms.

A list of all QGs is also available on the Profiles Page.

1 See also “Are all members of RQG qualified?” in our FAQs