Corporate Information

Corporate structure

The Register of Qualified Genealogists is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales.
The company was registered at Companies House, Cardiff on 31st December 2015 under registration number: 09933308.
The Articles of Association establish the company as “not-for-profit” and satisfy the requirements for exemption from using “Limited” in the company name.
All Qualified Genealogists are members (guarantors) of the company and have ultimate control of the company.
The company is run without the need for office accommodation. Official notices can be delivered to the Registered Office at 49 Station Road, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 6EA.
The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association (the first members who brought the company into existence) were:

  • David Annal
  • Carol Bannister
  • Dr. Nick Barratt
  • Caroline Brown
  • Andy Douglas
  • Dr. Bruce Durie
  • Graham Holton
  • Dr. Ian Macdonald
  • Tahitia McCabe
  • Toni Sutton

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors on behalf of the members.

The present Board of Directors:

  • Antoinette Sutton, PG Dip. BA(Hons) MSc. (Genealogical Studies) QG, Chair
  • Carol Bannister, BA(Hons) MSc. (Genealogical Studies) RGN OHNC RPHN(OHN) QG
  • Andrew Douglas, BA(Hons) MSc. (Genealogical Studies) ACMA CGMA MCMI QG
  • David Jack MSc. (Genealogical Studies) QG
  • Richard Tolson MSc. (Genealogical Studies) QG
  • John Tunesi of Liongam, MSc. (Genealogical Studies) QG
  • Sylvia Valentine M. Litt. (Family and Local History) QG
The Board is supported by an advisory group:

  • Membership of the advisory group will change from time to time to suit new challenges.
  • Additional support, in the international arena, is provided by the RQG Ambassador, Dr. Bruce Durie, BSc (Hons) PhD OMLJ FSAScot FCollT FIGRS FHEA QG.
Members of the company are welcomed to run company services and events.

Financial results are presented to Members at an annual general meeting.

Directors are required to resign on a rolling basis and elections for new directors will be held at the time of the annual general meeting.


Toni Sutton
Carol Bannister
Andy Douglas
David Jack
Richard Tolson
John Tunesi of Liongam
Sylvia Valentine
Dr. Bruce Durie
RQG Ambassador