Celebrating 150 Members

150 members
19 Jul, 2019

Celebrating 150 Members

We are pleased to announce that our membership has now exceeded 150 members.

Not all of our members actively take on commissions but those who do may have a profile on our website. Over 80 members are currently listed. https://www.qualifiedgenealogists.org/resumes . You can search this page by location or speciality.

If you cannot find a qualified genealogist to help you, email us at admin@qualifiedgenealogists.org and we will check our membership list to find someone who may be able to.

RQG takes particular pleasure in acknowledging the effort and commitment being made by students who are devoting two or even three years to advanced study in genealogy and family history. Our student members are entitled to many of the benefits enjoyed by Qualified Genealogists, and they are guaranteed to be accepted as full members once they have received their qualification. This page shows some of our student members. These are names for the future in genealogy and family history: https://www.qualifiedgenealogists.org/meet-our-students

Anne Sherman


  1. Malcolm Noble

    Well done. The RQG is doing important work. Keep it up!

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