Month: April 2022

11 Apr, 2022


I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank those that were involved in setting up, testing and launching our new communication platform of the RQG Hub under the watchful eyes of Directors David Jack & Andy Douglas. My grateful thanks and appreciation on behalf of the RQG board & membership go to:Paul Wainwright, […]

9 Apr, 2022

The Satisfying Outcome of an Eight Year Genealogical Journey

RQG member Richard Tolson shares with us his eight year journey researching the men of Stannington in Northumberland in World War One. “In 2014 with the 100th anniversary of the commencement of WW1 approaching, I decided to research the men of my home parish of Stannington in Northumberland who gave their lives in that conflict. […]

7 Apr, 2022

Blue Plaque for Frank Kitz

RQG Student member Debbie Dunne will be unveiling a blue plaque this Saturday, 9th April, at Wandlebank in Merton, south-west London, for Frank Kitz (1849-1923). This is an event related to Debbie’s research into Kitz’s life over the past fifteen years conducted with his descendant, Lynda Cazeaux.  Kitz had been a dyer at William Morris’ Merton Abbey […]