Month: September 2017

25 Sep, 2017

Julie Buist – Genealogist of the Week

What started my interest in genealogy? My father died when I was thirteen and shortly after I remember walking through the cemetery in which he was buried. From that time I found headstones fascinating, hinting at the life that had gone before, stories untold.  However, it wasn’t until 2010 when we (my husband, my son […]

18 Sep, 2017

Anne Holmes – New Genealogist of the Week

What started your interest in genealogy? Some intriguing family stories related to my mother’s ancestry in the north east of England. Research revealed they were mostly true (but not the Viking ancestry!) What are your specialist areas of interest and why have you chosen them? Nonconformity in my home county of Bucks and life in […]

11 Sep, 2017

Dave Annal – New Genealogist of the Week

What started your interest in genealogy? When Uncle Tom came to stay with us in 1976, I had no idea how significant his visit would prove to be. I remember asking my mum how Uncle Tom was related to us. She drew me a little family tree (which I still have!) and I was hooked. […]

4 Sep, 2017

New JGFH article! Answers in the wind: using local weather studies for family history research by Malcolm Noble

Ever wondered what the weather was like during your ancestors’ lives? Check out the new article from Malcolm Noble in The Journal of Genealogy and Family History and you may find out – and lots more besides… Abstract: Records of local weather events are a neglected resource for historians wanting to explain family events and […]