Month: July 2022

31 Jul, 2022

RQG Around the World – Linda Hammond

As part of our RQG Around the World month, we are pleased to introduce RQG member Linda Hammond I became interested in my own family history back in 1982 when I learned about my great grandfather who had come to London from Germany. Although Johann was my initial impetus, he was to remain a brick […]

25 Jul, 2022

RQG Around the World – Emma Devroey

As part of our RQG Around the World month we are pleased to introduce Emma Devroey. I’m a student member waiting to start the IHGS Diploma in September. I’m a UK expat living in Belgium and for the past 18 years an amateur genealogist. Now my children are near University. I’ve decided to take this […]

24 Jul, 2022

New RQG Member – Phyllis Zumwalt

Phyllis Zumwalt, based near Austin, Texas, has been involved in genealogy research since her teenage years. Her primary mission is to spark an interest in genealogy to help others discover the joy in uncovering details about their ancestors, where they lived, their occupations, and more, in the quest to solving family mysteries.  Phyllis earned a […]

18 Jul, 2022

RQG Around the World – Dawn Jennifer

As part of our look at the international side of RQG, we are pleased to meet RQG student member Dawn Jennifer from South Australia. ” I’ve been collecting information about my ancestors for years, but only seriously started tracing my family treeabout six years ago. I’ve also completed family histories for friends and clients. I’m […]