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4 Sep, 2017

New JGFH article! Answers in the wind: using local weather studies for family history research by Malcolm Noble

Ever wondered what the weather was like during your ancestors’ lives? Check out the new article from Malcolm Noble in The Journal of Genealogy and Family History and you may find out – and lots more besides… Abstract: Records of local weather events are a neglected resource for historians wanting to explain family events and […]

26 Aug, 2017

RQG Member Meeting Dates 2017-2018

Attention RQG Members! A list of dates, times and links for 2017-2018 for members’ meetings is now available on the RQG website members forum area, under the section titled Meetings. Agendas will be posted on the forum nearer to the meeting dates with the option to RSVP. Please do log into the members forum and […]

22 Aug, 2017

Free! 3 week, online Palaeography course

The University of Glasgow is offering a free 3 week (3 hours a week study) online course intended to improve your knowledge and practice of palaeography. The course is offered via the fabulous platform of FutureLearn – if you are not familiar with this online learning resource then do investigate further…….. You will need to […]

2 Aug, 2017

Sign the Petition – Northamptonshire Archives

Sign the petition and raise awareness of the intention to reduce the opening hours and increase the charges to access Northamptonshire Archives……we hope this is not the beginning of a worrying trend for other archives to follow suit? Find out more here:

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